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Joey Phuwasit

JOEY PHUWASIT is an independent singer-songwriter and producer from Thailand who combines elements of alternative R&B and soul music to create a unique sound. Born in Bangkok in 1993, JOEY PHUWASIT started his musical journey at the age of 16 as a guitar player in a church band. He soon developed an interest in producing music and began experimenting with different sounds and genres.

In 2013, JOEY PHUWASIT released his debut EP ‘The Unheard’ which was met with critical acclaim and helped him gain recognition in the Thai music industry. Since then he has released several EPs and singles which have earned him a dedicated fan following. He has also collaborated with several prominent artists from around the world, including Kiiara, JMSN, and RKCB.

JOEY PHUWASIT’s music is characterized by his sultry vocals and minimalist production style. His sound is heavily influenced by soul and R&B music but also features elements of alternative pop and hip-hop. His lyrics reflect his struggles with mental health and relationships, as well as his journey towards self-acceptance. Some of his most popular tracks include ‘Let Go’, ‘No More’, and ‘Clouds’.

His first success was high views in his first single "Duang Duen" , followed by "Na Na Thong" , which received number 1 trending with over 200M views on youtube MV. And many more popular singles from him after that.

Lumplearn Wongsakorn

Lumplearn Wongsakorn is a 26-year-old Thai music artist who has gained an impressive following for his unique blend of traditional and modern sounds. He has become known for his experimental approach to music that has seen him create unique pieces that combine traditional Thai elements with modern hip-hop, rap, and EDM influences. His music has been praised as “thought-provoking” and “innovative”.

Wongsakorn was born in Phuket, Thailand in 1994. He was exposed to a variety of musical genres from a young age due to his mother's passion for music, and this early exposure helped to shape his own musical style. He began writing rap lyrics when he was 15 and went on to produce his own music in his early twenties.

Wongsakorn began releasing music in 2014 with the release of his first EP, 'The Rise', which gained him critical acclaim in the Thai music scene. Since then he has released three more EPs and has collaborated with artists such as A$AP Rocky, J. Cole and Rick Ross. He has also toured extensively throughout Thailand, performing at festivals such as Wonderfruit, Bangsaen Beach Festival and Wonderfruit Music Festival.

Wongsakorn cites a variety of influences in his music, ranging from traditional Thai folk music to contemporary hip-hop and trap music. He incorporates elements of all these genres into his own work, creating an eclectic mix that is uniquely his own. He also draws influence from other Thai artists such as Palmy, Da Endorphine and Slot Machine.

Wongsakorn's style is best described as experimental and eclectic. His music combines elements of rap, EDM, hip-hop and traditional Thai folk music to create a sound that is both unique and captivating. He often experiments with different vocal styles and production techniques to create an ever-evolving sound that continues to surprise listeners.tracks include ‘Let Go’, ‘No More’, and ‘Clouds’.

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